Features & benefits

  • Analytics

    Analytics integrated in the process are used to assess the transactions in real time and automatically identify fraud patterns. This enables an informed decision on whether to accept or reject the respective transaction. New and modified fraud patterns automatically flow into the process. 

  • Simulation

    Based on stored data, the integrated simulation determines the relationship between recognised fraud attempts and rejected regular transactions. These results are used to automatically and continually optimise the verification guidelines.

  • Rule processing

    Wirecard supports the prevention methods of credit card companies (3D Secure and AVS) as well as offering industry and retailer-specific methods. For example, black list checks, time dependent transaction and amount limits and matching order location and country of card issue. 

  • Case management

    Wirecard offers web-based application software for transaction management and reporting. Case data can be viewed and checked for similarities (e.g. same email address) in order to identify connections. Individual input is also taken into account, such as key performance indicators (KPIs) and maximum fraud rate.

  • Fraud Prevention Suite

    With the Fraud Prevention Suite, Wirecard has developed a modular solution that meets all requirements and business models. Online retailers can combine available verification methods in line with their requirements. This enables best-possible fraud detection whilst minimising "false positives", which are normal transactions that have erroneously been categorised as being suspected of fraud.

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