Features & benefits

  • Verifying data integrity

    Customer data is verified through identity checks, age verification and address validation and verification. This reduces returns and the cost of processing refunds, which ultimately increases the success potential of possible debt collection procedures.

  • Verification of ability to pay

    Direct access to information from the major credit agencies not only includes personal customer data, but also creditworthiness scores, which ensures a sound assessment and a decision making basis for the recommendation of payment options.

  • Credit limits

    In addition to payment recommendations, Wirecard's risk management also calculates payment type-dependent credit limits based on the creditworthiness of customers. Credit limit management is fully integrated and can be combined with other verification functions to meet requirements.

  • Individual risk management

    Retailers can develop strategies for risk controlling with decision making tables and trees, which can be easily created, adapted and managed.

    Proven management tools include black and sanction lists.

  • Web-based reporting system

    In order to view and evaluate verification results, retailers can access the web-based reporting system Wirecard Enterprise Portal (WEP).

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