Features & benefits

  • Effortless implementation

    Retailers can quickly and easily implement Wirecard's payment page, either connecting directly to major shop systems or via ready-made plugins which support all standard shop solutions. Added to this is the simplified PCI Certification via the SAQ (self-assessment questionnaire) which means a network scan is not necessary. Personal web server SSL certification is not required.

  • Global payment gateway

    The Wirecard Checkout Page offers a wide range of national and international payment options in a single solution: credit cards, direct debits, online transfers, mobile payment, alternative payment methods and industry-specific solutions. Online shop operators can select which payment options they wish to accept.

  • Secure payment transactions

    The Wirecard payment page is in accordance with the PCI requirements of the PCI Standard Council for secure payment transactions. Without exception, all payments undergo comprehensive risk management verification, such as 3D secure, and are processed in real time. For every transaction, both customer and retailer receive confirmation of successful payment.

  • Scalable solutions

    The Wirecard Checkout Page has a modular structure and is scalable. The basic version already makes it possible to combine different payment options and offers a multilingual user interface (English and German). The range of functions and available languages can be expanded to meet requirements at any time.

  • Retailer-specific payment processes

    Individual payment processes can be implemented on the Wirecard Checkout Page. Immediate debits, deferred debits, recurring/subscription payments and multiple payments from one authorisation (multiple captures): these are just some of the supported options. All functions can be automated or combined with specific manual processes, such as debit, credit and cancellation. In addition, Wirecard offers interfaces for further combinations, for example, backend processes.

  • Wirecard Checkout Page mobile

    The Wirecard Checkout Page mobile is a response to the rapid increase of payment transactions on mobile end devices. With the smartphone and tablet extension, retailers receive an adaptable payment page that supports all touchscreen and common mobile operating systems, such as Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone.

  • Wirecard CEE Payment Centre

    The payment page is available in the Payment Centre of the Wirecard CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) service provider and its layout can be adapted. In addition, it allows retailers to conveniently manage all transaction data and processes. Clear transaction-specific order numbers ensure maximum transparency and traceability.

  • Free choice of financial service provider

    In order to guarantee the acceptance of the desired payment method, acceptance contracts must be concluded with a financial service provider. The Wirecard Bank provides retailers with direct access to a full service provider. Alternatively, this platform can also act as an interface to other international acceptance banks (acquirers).

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