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  • Skrill digital wallet


    More than 30 million users worldwide make the Skrill digital wallet one of the major international online payment systems. With just an email address and a password, registered customers can make quick and easy payments online as well as being able to send and receive money. In addition to different brands of credit card, there are also local payment options in more than 35 countries available. Although the e-Wallet does not actually guarantee payment, retailers do receive confirmation of payment in real time. The Wirecard Skrill digital wallet offers customers a quick, easy and cheap method of accepting payments on a worldwide basis and, consequently, increasing their conversion rates.

  • PayPal (e-Wallet)

    190 countries

    According to an EHI online payment survey carried out in 2013, PayPal has a market share of 16.1%, representing a marked increase on the figure for the previous year, and is now ranked third in the payment systems used in German online trading. In global terms, any company or individual can register with PayPal to make cheap and easy online payments and to send or receive money in 19 different currencies. The only information needed to make a payment is an email address and a password. The simplicity of the system plus eBay’s extensive international cover have made PayPal one of the most popular payment systems in the world.

  • e-Wallet (MercadoPago)


    As the payment system used by Mercado Libre, Latin America’s major e-Commerce and online auction platform, the MercadoPago e-Wallet has been among the most frequently used systems in Brazil since 1999. The payment process is carried out quickly and easily after entering a username and password. Besides the local payment options credit cards can also be used. Retailers offering MercadoPago on their checkout web page are already able to reach 60 million users and 20 million active buyers. Not only this - they can be assured of access to the constantly growing Brazilian e-commerce-market.

  • e-Wallet (Moneta.ru incl. Yandex)

    Europe/Eastern Europe, Russia

    Moneta.ru is among the major e-Wallets used in Russia and the Ukraine and is already well-entrenched in every area of online trade, from tourism through retailing and gaming. The unique benefit of this particular prepaid wallet is the high number of local payment processes which can be used for charging-up purposes. As soon as the transaction to the merchant has been completed, the payment can no longer be stopped any longer. Moneta.ru offers retailers the opportunity to develop the Russian and Ukrainian markets cheaply and easily.

  • paysafecard (Prepaid voucher)

    Europe, Latin America, North America (approx. 30 countries)

    The paysafecard is a prepaid voucher for online purchases, which is accepted in nearly 30 countries. It is most extensively used in Europe. Because the paysafecard is paid directly to one of the 300,000 sales outlets in the world, customers do not need an account or a credit card for the purposes of making payments online. paysafecard credit allows customers to make immediate purchases online, so that when it comes to paying, all they need to do is to enter the 16-digit card number and their PIN number.

  • Prepaid voucher (Boleto bancario)


    In Latin America, Brazil is the country with the highest number of internet users and online trade is steadily growing. The Wirecard Boleto Bancario prepaid voucher is Brazil’s most popular prepaid payment system. The customer receives a voucher on the amount of the invoice after having finished the order. Then, the customer has to pay online or at the participating acceptance location at the PoS. For retailers wishing to enter the Brazilian market, Boleto Bancario, which has a market share of just under 25%, is a safe payment system.

  • Buying on account/Prepayment


    According to an EHI online payment survey carried out in 2013, with a total share of 25.8% (previous year: 25.1%), payment on account is the most popular method of payment in Germany’s online retailing sector. Smaller webshops, in the main, are garnering sales by offering purchasing on account, despite the risks. Wirecard gives retailers the ability to efficiently and securely integrate payment on account and prepayment into their checkout web page. During the payment process, retailers will receive an invoice and transfer reference number generated in real time. Reconciling the payment with the order takes place automated fashion through Wirecard. The application of integrated real time risk assessments means that retailers can avoid fraud and default. An added bonus is that automatically offering alternative payment methods prevents customers from simply abandoning a purchase.

  • RatePAY


    Wirecard offers three different methods of payment using RatePAY: payment by instalment, payment by direct debit and buying on account. From past experience, we know that there is a degree of default risk inherent in these types of payment. This is not the case with Wirecard, because the Wirecard Bank covers the default risk. Retailers will always receive the full amount transferred to them immediately following the purchase, either by us or by RatePAY. For security purposes, in the case of RatePAY, a real time risk assessment is carried out for each payment. In the event of a negative assessment, alternative payment methods are automatically offered and this prevents customers from simply abandoning their purchase. In general, customers enjoy the benefits of uncomplicated processing and in the case of payment by instalment, the system is even flexible enough to allow customers to draw up their own payment plan using the instalment calculator.

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