Banking Services

Wirecard Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Wirecard Group. We blaze the trail with innovative products and services in the private and corporate banking sectors. Several advantages through combined payment processing and banking services:

  • Financial services from one source
  • Synergistic effects for global e-commerce
  • Integrated solutions


Wirecard Bank is a web-based financial services provider for business and private customers. Within the Wirecard group, the broad range of services offered by Wirecard Bank provides innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions for corporate banking, pre-paid and co-branded cards as well as account products both for business and private customers. 

The core business of Wirecard Bank includes business and currency accounts, awarding credit card acceptance contracts and issuing payment methods as part of co-branding and customer retention campaigns (pre-paid and co-branded cards).

Wirecard Bank is a Principal Member of Visa, MasterCard and JCB, and provides account and card products to both businesses and private customers. It operates as an acquirer in over 69 countries worldwide, offering merchants in retail and mail order more than 100 transaction and 15 payment currencies.

Our solutions

Credit Card Acceptance

Accept credit cards easily and safely

Corporate Accounts

The effective solution for corporate payments.

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