Online, Mobile and POS commerce

Customers define the sales channel and payment method today. People could theoretically be making a purchase from you at any given moment, wherever they happen to be, as long as they have Internet access. Multi-channel commerce makes it possible. Ensure the greatest possible flexibility for your customers – and more earnings opportunities for yourself.

A consumer journey today can begin impulsively and at any time: at home on a PC, on a mobile device or at a point of sale, where customers discover attractive offers that lead them to a brand’s online shop. In the United Kingdom, the mobile market in particular shows significant growth rates:

“39% of the total UK mobile population conduct shopping activities on their mobile, that is anything from finding coupons or deals, making shopping lists, finding a store to checking product availability. 37% conduct mobile shopping activities when in-store, 7 million actually purchase goods and services online on their mobile phone (13% when in-store), up 46% year on year.”

Source: ComScore MobiLens 2013.

A well thought out multi-channel strategy enables merchants to successfully expand their business through online channels to new audiences and markets beyond their national borders, thus tapping into additional potential. Provided that is, that customers follow through with their online purchases. Frequently, customers do not complete their transactions, even though they have placed items in a shopping cart, because the available payment options do not meet their needs. An online store’s success, therefore, depends significantly on its payment offerings. If the portfolio is more tailored to the audience, the number of people who abandon their carts sinks considerably and greater sales are ensured.

Alternative payment services for cross-border trade

In cross-border trade this means enabling more flexibility for customers in the future. The acceptance of alternative payment services – in addition to proven credit or debit cards or online banking – can enable even broader reach. The following graphic shows which country-specific online payment gateways are particularly well accepted.

Customers in Austria and Germany value either electronic SEPA direct debiting or purchasing on account. With a rate of 25.8%, these are the leading types of payment in German online trade. In comparison, international customers like to pay with PayPal. In the first quarter of 2014 alone, PayPal customers carried out 834 million transactions worldwide and 9 million payments daily.

Wirecard offers store operators more than 20 alternative payment services in over 30 countries. From payments by invoice and installment to e-wallets and prepaid vouchers, a wide assortment of services is available. With scalable solutions, they can be quickly and conveniently installed in every store system. Many of these processes even offer a payment guarantee. For this, the merchant simply concludes a single contract with Wirecard and receives everything comfortably and easily from one source.

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